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home sweet home


Showplaces feature a high definition, large screen television built in to a fireplace surround. The most luxurious home entertainment experience ever!

Big screen television plays a big role in providing the good life at home. The problem is getting the huge TV to gracefully blend in with the home décor plus finding the space that will provide the ideal TV entertainment experience.

truth of the matter — it is obvious

Big screen televisions look the best in a fireplace surround. The fireplace surround and the huge televisions were absolutely made for each other!

Everyone wants a fireplace but not the maintenance and mess. A television in place of the traditional fireplace lets everyone enjoy the prefect solution. The television — fireplace dilemmas is over.

Many benefits to the Showplaces, not the least is the fact Showplaces can be enjoyed all year long!

Showplaces are at the picture perfect height for the best viewing. The best picture and also the largest possible television screen size.

The style of fireplace surrounds are unlimited. Anything is possible from builder's grade surrounds up to more stately cast stone surrounds.

Showplaces are entirely green and use no fossil fuels. Perfectly safe using only electricity.

Showplaces are amazingly simple. No vents, no chimneys, no holes in the wall, no soot, no mess, no permits, no fire code restrictions, no annual inspections, no gas lines — and no maintenance!

Showplaces are the ultimate choice for interior designers, multi-family developers and home builders to attract new home buyers and tenants.

Showplaces are a luxury by any standard. However, Showplaces are also affordable and can be enjoyed by everyone in any size, style or type of home. 

home sweet home

Showplaces make a home desirable, especially apartment homes, condos, townhomes and even hotels.

Showplaces, a new idea, based on the long history of the fireplace. Everyone wins with today's modern media center. Showplaces for sure!


home sweet home

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