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picture perfect homes


picture perfect homes

Picture perfect homes.


Why have a fireplaces that is seldom used or in many cases no fireplace? A Showplace fireplace makes life worth living!

Showplace fireplaces offer a profoundly better home entertainment experience.

Showplace fireplaces are on a grand scale with the largest screen television built-in. Absolutely the perfect viewing height.


Showplace fireplaces have a contemporary clean design with a totally enclosed glass front. Best fireplace design ever.

Showplace fireplaces offer a huge choice of real crackling wood burning fires — including all the scents.

Showplace fireplaces feature many choices of art, aquariums, beaches and many more nature scenes.

Showplace fireplaces provide all the television channels, movies, YouTube and personal photographs and videos.

Showplace fireplaces are enjoyed all year long unlike any traditional fireplace.

Showplace fireplaces require only electricity, no infrastructure like gas lines. vents and chimney.  No annual inspections.

Showplace fireplaces are extremely safe. No vents, no chimneys, no holes in the wall, no soot, no mess, no fire code restrictions, no gas lines — and no maintenance!

Showplace fireplaces are an over the top amenity, upgrading any home into a truly luxurious home experience.

Showplace fireplaces are all green and burn no fossil fuels — 100% totally safe.

Showplace fireplaces are perfect for any home; especially apartment homes, condos, townhomes and even hotels.

Showplace fireplaces are the ultimate choice for interior designers, multi-family developers and home builders to attract new home buyers and tenants.

Showplace fireplaces give a new meaning to luxury homes! Nothing compares to the Ritz fireplace.

No matter how upscale a home might seem, the Showplace fireplace always takes it to an even higher level, making it more impressive — and more desirable!


picture perfect homes

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picture perfect homes

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