Church Is Both The Word and Music

The church is above all else to be a gathering place where both music and the spoken word are offered to those who come together to worship with the fullest and richest expression possible. Whether the music is coming from a thousand-pipe organ, or a Hammond B3, or an old upright piano, or a rock band; whether there is a fifty member choir in embroidered robes, or five kids in scrubby jeans; whether the minister wears his collar backwards or preaches in shorts; the music and the message are meant to be and should be beautifully and clearly heard by every person, young to old, in the hall.

I have been in many churches over my lifetime, from the Cathedral of St. John in New York City and its stately outlying parishes, to the Frauenkirke in Nuremberg, to tiny country churches the size of doublewides, to converted storefronts and warehouses. I probably can count on the fingers of one foot the ones that had sound systems that really worked to handle everything that they were being asked to do. Some were far better than others, and many were beyond help. But one thing is very clear as I look back on my experiences: Effectively filling a space, like a church or an auditorium, with both voice and music from the same sound system is difficult.

William C. Dodenhoff has done this with the Audiolier Digital Theater speaker array. His unique mind and six decades of audio/visual sound engineering experience have created a center-point multi-channel speaker that perfectly reproduces both instrument and voice at any volume without distortion in audi-torium sized spaces.

The Audiolier Digital Theater is engineered in every detail as the world’s finest compact speaker. It is constructed by hand of solid wood using time-proven joinery techniques. The seven speakers in the array are the highest commercial quality available: They will last for decades and cannot be “blown”, except perhaps by severe abuse. All wiring and soldering is done by hand and is fully tested before it leaves the bench.

The speaker array consists of six powerful midrange speakers, each with its own tweeter, and a twelve inch separately amplified sub-woofer. These speakers are built into tuned spaces for perfect compliance and the entire array is optimally balanced so that all of these speakers work together seamlessly. The system is configured as a 5.1 multi-channel array to ensure that every subtlety of voice or music is reproduced with flawless fidelity at any volume. With the addition of its surround-sound satellite speakers any space, however large, is completely filled with distortion free sound, and no listener will be unable to hear clearly.

The Audiolier Digital Theater is engineered to be interfaced with any components. It will simply connect to your existing mixer and other equipment. Your instruments will easily and beautifully play through it. The Audiolier can become the voice of your organ or your keyboard with the simplicity of a cable and a plug. Your choir will win competitions against the angels: Well, at least they may come in a close second.

More than a simple sound system, the Audiolier Digital Theater is the ultimate communication and conference tool. The Audiolier Digital Theater is a state-of-the-art Internet integrated system that is able to bring the entire world to you at the touch of an icon. When interfaced with Apple TV 4 or ROKU 4 or another such “hub”, and connected to an Ultra-HDTV or projection TV screen, every speaker and every conference and every inspirational movie or event is instantly available to you with a clarity that is presently unsurpassed. The quality of the Audiolier is equivalent to that of the best commercial theater.

You can easily offer your entire assembly a real-time meeting with your missionaries through Skype. You can be “in the field” with disaster relief, supporting your teams and getting reports. You can invite the world’s most motivational ministries into your sanctuary at your convenience. The possibilities are endless. The Audiolier Digital Theater can be configured to work optimally in a venue of any size, from a home group living room to a two-thousand seat hall.

The Audiolier Digital Theater also looks beautiful. It has been fashioned into a sleek, modern, modular console cabinet that is a beautiful piece of furniture which will grace any room. The Audiolier can be personalized and customized at your request. We can develop designs for our speakers that specifically answer all of your needs and concerns. Our team can assist you in determining the most appropriate setting for your Audiolier Digital Theater when you choose to invest in perfect sound for your sanc-tuary.

Please contact us for an appointment to discuss your needs and to see and hear an Audiolier Digital Theater.

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