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Late last spring, after the plum trees blossomed, I was a little troubled when I saw some heavy equipment begin to accumulate near a small wooded section of a large old plantation, and then again when I began to see some of the tall loblolly pines begin to fall behind the peach orchard that paralleled the highway. Over the next weeks not only did the pines come down, but the beeches and oaks began to fall and the timbering spread until the entire woodlot, at least eight or ten visible acres, was under siege. Meanwhile, I noticed that farther down the road, in a large open area of what must have once been cultivated fields, a great terra-forming operation had also begun.

Day after Day, week after week, the work expanded, with the timbering efforts finally felling an entire small forest at one end of what now was perhaps a fifty acre parcel, and with dozens of great machines burying pipes and reshaping the earth from the other end. Finally the peach orchard was uprooted, heaped into a great pile, and ground into mulch by the powerful teeth of industrial chippers. Over the summer and fall roads and sidewalks have been laid, gardens and grass and trees have been planted, walls and iron fences have been built, and even a water feature or two have been created, and what is to become an exclusive community of beautiful new homes is ready to be opened up come spring.

Yes, I was bothered as the landscape changed, but change happens; such is progress. Ours is a vital and visionary and growing city in a vital and rich and prosperous nation. And it appears that those who are building its future are trying to leave a fair number of trees standing even as they build. Another field of peach trees was just planted on the other side of the highway.

We are a people of great dreams. Every one of these new homes should be a Dream Home. At this moment, in the minds of every home-maker who is envisioning a home in this beautiful community, that home is a Dream Home. Working together with an architect and a builder they are crafting the house exactly as they want it to present itself. They may be working with an interior designer to create its interior spaces. They have hopes and dreams about what this home will become for their family: A sanctuary, a place of security and of fellowship and of joy. And a place also to which, when they choose to do so, they can invite friends with pride to entertain them and to share with them their lives.

We live in an amazing world; the most technologically sophisticated society on earth at the most technologically advanced time in human history. We also live in a society that has created for many of its people the most useful leisure time ever available to human beings. Many of us have the ability to explore our world at our convenience in ways that have never before in history been available to even the richest of kings. Not a hundred years ago, wars would have been fought for such things as smartphones, and televisions, and laptop computers and the Internet… things which today even some homeless people on our streets possess.

So why squander what is available to you? If you have the chance to follow your dreams, then your Dream Home should benefit from the largesse of this world that lets you dream. Through the miracle of the Internet we have created a nearly infinite engine for information and entertainment that at this time seems to have no governor to slow its acceleration. It is obvious that this incredible technology is both wonderful and terrible in its potential and in its effects, and that no one seems to really know what to do about this at this time. Neither no regulation nor bureaucratic regulation appear to be a particularly reasonable answer, given the nature of people and the scale of the problem.

That means that this responsibility falls upon each of us as individuals and as parents and as teachers and guides. The Dream Homes I see going up on the plantation are going to be near to one of the finest schools in the state. What are the young folks who live in those homes and go to that school going to be doing with their free time when they return home after a long day? What are the families of those kids going to be doing now that they’ve achieved the life they’ve worked so diligently for? Are they going to continue to be so busy with the affairs of their lives that they forget to live? Are they going to end up being little isolated islands living alone together in their new big house, like so many modern families do? Are the kids going to be up in their rooms on their I-Phones or laptops lost in their music or their games while dad is watching his football in his man-cave and mom is watching Dancing With the Stars in the “media room” until it’s time to chauffer someone to a soccer game?

Every one of those Dream Homes is going to have one or more flat screen TV’s. Why not take advantage of what the DuoHearth Showplace system can offer and use that TV as the focal center for your family when you get back from your complex day? Since we live in the most amazing world ever known to mankind, why not take advantage of it and control over it and discover what the integrated audio-visual technology of an DuoHearth can kindle as the touchpoint for family interaction.

The Internet offers the entire world of whatever we might find entertaining. At the touch of a button or an icon we can hear any news: good or bad. We can enjoy any music that pleases our ear. A modern Ultra-HDTV presents a picture that is clearer than most human eyes can see, and the screen is effectively as large as any movie theater.

The only thing missing has been sound. TV’s have terrible speaker systems. Soundbars are barely better, and they have no subwoofer. Bookcase and other speakers are expensive and not particularly attractive. Home theater sound systems are complicated and costly and sometimes damage the house and its value: And most of them don’t sound nearly as good as they are hyped to sound. Very few people can afford a dedicated home theater or even a separate “media room”, and recent surveys are consistently showing that those who have such installations are not using them.

The DuoHearth Showplaces resolves elegantly every one of these issues. DuoHearths are first a nearly perfect home and auditorium speaker system. The DuoHearth Showplace is 5.1 multi-channel 7 speaker array perfectly tuned and balanced to produce distortion free sound at all frequencies and volumes. The array is housed in a beautiful hand-crafted cabinet that provides a rock-solid foundation for the largest flat-screen TV and any components, and that is a stunning complement to any room. The DuoHearth Showplace system is simply wired or can be wireless, and is fully Internet integrated. It is optimally con-figured to work with Google TV, Apple TV or ROKU, but can be connected to any interface. It operates at a touch through a straightforward user-friendly remote or through your smartphone or computer, and you will receive complete hands-on instruction in its operation before our installation team leaves.

The DuoHearth Showplace is above all else a music speaker. There is no other speaker array available today that more faithfully reproduces the sounds of instrument or voice. The DuoHearth array was designed by W.C.Dodenhoff to accurately reproduce and amplify the piano, which is the most difficult of all instruments to record and to amplify faithfully. Dodenhoff has accomplished this. To hear a piano concerto through a DuoHearth Showplace at any volume is to hear it as if you are seated at the keyboard; as if you are the musician. With the same faithfulness, the DuoHearth Showplace will reproduce any vocalist. Your dream home will be filled by the surround-sound effectiveness of the DuoHearth’s multi-channel technology with the richest music you have ever heard:

Your home will sing.

We live in a world filled with music. There is now no reason why you should not listen to that music in the way that it is really meant to be heard, vital and without distortion, as if the musicians are live with you in the room. DuoHearth Showplace make such incredible sound and even high definition visual interaction, if there is a video accompaniment, a reality at a reasonable cost.

Apple TV has entered into the world of gaming as well with its motion activated interactive technology. Never before have the possibilities for family time and family fun been so awesome and endless. Television and movies are static and passive: Games are active and participatory. When you have an DuoHearth Showplace system the very large flat screen HDTV is placed at the optimal height for both comfortable viewing and for interactive family gaming, and the powerful speaker array is prepared to make any game as dynamic and exciting as you might want it to be. You and your kids will never have so much fun together as you will have in your own family room with the myriad of awesome games that are available through Apple TV alone. Of course, all other gaming systems, such as WII, are equally compatible with the DuoHearth Showplace.

And I have not even begun to mention all of the educational and other offerings that are “out there” in the digital cosmos: The trips around the world and across the universe…. The tens of thousands of videos on YouTube ….the interfacing with Skype that connects you live from your couch to anyone in the world on the big screen…. The business connections through conference calls. I am only just beginning to explore the possibilities of this amazing synthesis of technologies that the DuoHearth Showplace empowers and optimizes.

You can have this all in your dream home. There are other choices, but nothing presently available compares with the DuoHearth Showplace in quality, price, versatility, aesthetics, and pure sound fidelity.

The DuoHearth Showplace can be described, but it must be experienced to be fully appreciated. You can contact us at …… to make an appointment to visit our showroom to hear and to see one of our digital theaters. When you come please be sure to bring a Blu-Ray disc of your favorite music/movie. We have our units connected to Pandora and other Internet feeds, but the music that comes through the web is highly compressed and must be digitally manipulated by our amplifier/receivers to become 5.1 multi-channel sound. Blu-Ray recordings are full 5.1 records and the quality is much richer. Your favorite music will sound its best on our system if you provide such a disc.


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